Totem Poles

Our totem poles are hand carved and signed by Alaskan artists. Crafted from cedar found in Alaska's southeast rain-forests, these one-of-a-kind works of art depict centuries-old native legends of this region. Each pole comes with a card telling the traditional story represented in its intricately carved images.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
Item #502T Legend of Mankind

Legend of Mankind

This dramatic image tells the story of how mankind emerged from darkness into the world. Raven, who rules the world releases man from the confines of...


Item #501T Legend of Fogwoman

Legend of Fogwoman

The Legend of Fogwoman tells the story of how Salmon began coming up the streams to feed people, and why fog comes with him. Approx. 11” tall.


Item #500T Kingdom of the Bears

Kingdom of the Bears

In this story, Bear entraps Sea Lion in the river and secures the release of a fisherman’s young princess who was held captive by Sea lion. Bear then...


Item #504T Whale Song

Whale Song

Whale Song tells of the abundant food, sights, and adventures encountered by Whale in his yearly journey to Alaska. Approx. 12 ˝” tall.


Item #505T Seawoman


Seawoman weeps as she looks toward the sea in hopes of her husband’s return from his prolonged journey. Raven finally brings news that her husband is...


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